BMW Construction Specialists, Inc. is a trusted provider of construction services to Federal, State and Local Government agencies. Our services are organized into three primary disciplines:

  • General Construction / Prime Contracting

  • Program / Project Management
  • Facilities Management

BMW Construction Specialists, Inc. 

Pentagon (PNT) - Arlington Virginia
Total Contract Value: $2,714,287.62
Project Summary:
Heating and refrigeration plant - Phase 1 security
Installation of force protection /perimeter security fence and ancillary components

U.S. Naval Academy  (USNA) – Annapolis, Maryland
Total Contract Value: $2,497,245.69
Project(s) Summary:
NOSC @ Ft. McHenry - Historical masonry restoration
Fire Station @ USNA – Various renovations
NGIS Suites @ USNA – Historical executive lodging suites renovations
Pier structure @ USNA – Dismantle 1940’s submarine piers in protected waterway

Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) - Aberdeen, Maryland
Total Contract Value: $3,500,000.00
Project(s) Summary:
Army Test Center (ATC) - Design-Build construction for Visitors Center, Blast Test facility and various renovations
C4ISR – Installation of various SCIFs

Fort Myer / Fort McNair  - Arlington, Virginia and District of Columbia 
Total Contract Value: $2,012,106.18
Project(s) Summary:
Renovations to the Marshall Hall theater,  NDU Suites /  Memoir studys and

various barracks and administration buildings

National Naval Medical Center  (NNMC) – Bethesda, Maryland
Total Contract Value: $8,161,788.24
Project(s) Summary:
DISA Building 12 – Renovations and expansions for classified workspaces
NNMC - Bridge, roadway and sidewalk restorations
Carderock Building 129 - Remove and replace the Quonset Hut building structure